Camping in an RV can be a great vacation. You can take your home where ever you go and stay where you want to. You don’t have to stay in motels and you can camp in wild places if you wish. An RV vacation can be a great family trip or a nice honeymoon. It is a popular vacation for retired people since it can be relaxing.

RV camping can be a social trip. You get to meet different people from different places. You stay in RV camps where there is a variety of people who enjoy visiting other campers. You can enjoy the best parties with people you have just met. Most are friendly and helpful and in the same situation, you are.

When you are packing for a trip in an RV you need to think small. An RV is traveling home with only so much space in it. You have limited places to put things so take as little as you can to have a good and enjoyable trip. If you take too much stuff it can get cluttered and you will not be able to find whatever you are looking for. You will also have less space to put the souvenirs that you pick up on your vacation.

Before you leave on vacation try out all the things on the RV you are taking. Figure out how everything works before taking your trip so you don’t have to figure it out on the road. Keep the instruction book in a special place so you can get to it easily if you need to.

Make sure everything is working properly and check to see that you have everything you need. You do not want to forget your rubber gloves to empty the wastewater with.

Check out the air conditioner and the heater to be sure they are working before you leave. Check all the fluids like the propane gas and water to be sure you have enough until you can get more.

Make sure you have enough of what you will need like towels, linens, and kitchen gadgets. Take along enough food to keep you going until you can buy more. Start out your trip well supplied so you don’t need to stop for a while.

Take a medical kit and hope that you do not need to use it. And pack clothes that you will need for the area you are visiting.

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